Should Germany legalize cannabis? | Flipping the Script

  • September 04, 2021
  • 5:25 PM

Around four million people in Germany use cannabis regularly or occasionally. Countries like Mexico and Portugal have already legalized cannabis. Should Germany follow in their footsteps? That’s what we want to discuss with our two debaters. Max Plennert has previously worked for the German Hemp Association and is a cannabis patient himself. He says that cannabis should be legalized. Our other debater Martin RĂ¼diger disagrees. He leads an addiction clinic in Berlin and says legalizing cannabis would send the wrong signal. The four-part series tackles issues such as climate change, migration, cannabis legalization and social mobility, putting the concerns of citizens from diverse backgrounds at the heart of political debates. Politicians from different political parties were the audience, asked questions and made comments. Invitations to attend Flipping the Script were extended to politicians from all parties with a parliamentary group in the German Bundestag.