It’s time for Black people to become bosses in the cannabis industry | REVOLT BLACK NEWS

  • March 29, 2021
  • 6:34 PM

In this episode of “REVOLT BLACK NEWS,” Eboni K. Williams tackles the different avenues of weed. Black people are disproportionately convicted and sentenced to prison for drug related offenses as compared to their white counterparts. So, we must learn more about the industry to make it work for us and become the bosses in it that we wish to be without legal consequence. Cannabis chef and co-owner of The Original Cannabis Café Andrea Drummer joins for a dish demonstration. Angela Yee interviews Michele Harrington of Viola, a cannabis company that creates and sells products, about sexual wellness and the health effects of the substance. Eboni and Shanita Penny also break down the monetization and investment opportunities in the industry. Selena Hill delivers this week’s headlines, and Gia Peppers gives all the Black Excellence Entertainment Headlines.